Healing is now an ‘in’ word, used to describe everything from a mild pleasurable experience to miraculous cures of life threatening diseases.

Purists would say that healing is a form of treatment used by some who are an instrument through which to channel energy and clear mental and physical health problems. Others, maybe with less of an understanding of the subject would say it is anything that makes one feel better in the short term, for example, comments such as ‘my holiday was very healing’ or sometimes there is confusion about what actually constitutes a healer, and some are mistaken in thinking that any therapist is a healer. It is true of course that many of them have a very powerful healing gift and incorporate these skills sometimes albeit subconsciously into their work. This leaves many feeling that they are aware of healing and it’s mechanics without really having any knowledge of healing.

So what is healing in its true form and how does it work?

Healing gifts have been used for centuries and there will always be those who have a talent to cure without the use of doctors or medicine. Firstly healers recognise that illness is not primarily physical but always has a psychological cause and it is through healing these mental imbalances that the body in turn rejects the illness. Healers work on the principal that the mind controls the body and if the mind is healthy and balanced then anything physical will correct itself.

The most traditional form of healing in the west is known as spiritual healing because healers work with spirit when seeing patients. This works when the healer allows spirit to use them as an instrument and work through them. The most important thing to note is that we healers look at the root cause of an illness whereas doctors will only look at the symptoms and treat accordingly. You may visit a healer with one complaint and the healer will see that this is in a sense, a referred pain and will be drawn to the part of the body from where the problem originates.

Somebody with a leg problem could discover that the problem stems from the back and a healer would in turn look at where the psychological aspects would originate. The back is literally ones backbone and support system in the physical and metaphorical sense, so back problems indicate that one is supporting too much in their life. This could be their own issues or that of family and close friends or work overload. The healer would then use their intuition i.e. their psychic ability to see exactly what or who is causing the stress.

Some people are more sensitive than others and any stress will have an immediate effect on the body, other people will appear to be very strong during the stressful periods and become much later; sometimes even years later when they are feeling very at ease. Whilst it can be difficult being oversensitive, it is in the long term healthier as it means that any illness (usually mild ailments such as virus’ or lesser serious infections) shows itself immediately and it is therefore easier to pin point the areas of stress and deal with them at the time. Excessive mental stress or any emotional problems will ALWAYS manifest as some form of illness at some time and if it is not immediate it will fester in the body and show itself as a far more serious disease later in life. I have come across many cases as a healer where clients that have appeared outwardly healthy with seemingly happy lifestyles have suppressed their true feelings for years, usually as a way to compromise or keep the peace, and this has manifested itself as illness years later. We are conditioned to keep a stiff upper lip and not create a fuss when we don’t like something. It is seen as immaturity or aggression to be forthright and show strong emotions. Within acceptable limitations this is actually healthier in the long run.


Of course there is also the question of awareness within ones own body. Thousands of people are walking around with illness percolating within them and although they know they should be feeling stronger and more energised than they actually are, they are insensitive to any negative changes in their body, so are less likely to do anything about improving their health. Other times people know there is something wrong but are frightened (understandably, and for many reasons) to visit the doctor, or when they do so the illness is not serious enough or has not yet shown itself in a way that can be easily treated. This is where a course of healing sessions can be the most helpful, as it is non invasive, there is nothing to be frightened about and it will help correct the problem before it gets worse, as well as giving a feeling of general well being.

Healing will clear things that we are even aware are causing us problems; all we know is that we feel better afterwards. The anger or hurt we may have felt about an incident years ago, will still be present in some form in our mind even though we never think about it and a healer will get this out of our system. It is interesting to note what one thinks about during a healing session. People and events from the past may spring to our mind during the session and we have no idea why at the time. It may of course be obvious if it was a major event such as redundancy or divorce and you can think ‘ah, I knew that was still there somewhere’. Yet other times it can be something far more obscure that springs to mind and when we analyse it we see that some things may have had a greater effect than we gave them credit for at the time.

What to expect from a healer

Usually you will find a very personable and down to earth healer who does not look like he or she has any special powers. Healers do not walk on water and neither can you see their wings and they have the same ups and downs as everybody else. I am used to comments like ‘oh, you don’t look like a healer or a medium’ and I am never quite sure exactly what a medium is supposed to look like. It could sound strange to some that I am effectively employed by ‘dead’ people, who of course are not dead at all, simply on another dimension, yet it still amuses me when I get a slightly surprised reaction when I tell people my profession.

The healer will either ask you to lie on a couch or sit on a chair and then hold their hands a few inches from your body and start working. Sometimes they will work in silence and other times talk to you throughout. This is a matter of personal preference. The effects of healing are different with everybody, and often there are no obvious immediate effects or weird sensations. It is common to feel very cold during or after a session and if you are feeling very low you may have slight side effects such as nausea or become very emotional or tearful. This is temporary and is over by the time you walk out of the door, when you should be feeling much better.

There are of course occasions when the problems get worse in the short term before it gets better. This is just a form of detoxifying and should not put you off continuing with the healing. Other times you have instant almost miraculous cures.

Healing can be done absently, meaning that the healer does not have to physically see the patient but can send the healing from a distance. This is also a matter of personal choice and there should be no difference in the results.

In the past some sectors of the healing profession have had a way of being rather pious but that is now changing and the healing field is becoming more mainstream. As with any therapy or treatment of this nature is imperative that you feel comfortable with the healer and build up a good relationship with them. The best healer in the world cannot do a good job if you do not connect with each other. This will be apparent on the first meeting.

Where to find a healer

There are many reputable healing organisations throughout the country. Many organisations call themselves healing groups when they practice other lesser know therapies, so do not fit into any other category. Look for places such as the NSFH or some the older spiritualist organisations in your area. Most of these can recommend somebody or will have a healing clinic on site. There are literally dozens of alternative health and healing shows every weekend up and down the country and some excellent healing organisations take stands at these exhibitions. As with most things of this nature the best source of information is personal recommendation