Spirit Circles

The best way to describe a spirit circle is a group sitting. There are usually between 7-10 people present, and each person gets a short message. They usually last about 2–2½ hours. The circles concentrate primarily on messages from the spirit world and whatever they have to pass on to the recipient. It is rather like a mini sitting, but obviously without all the personal details being aired to the same degree as in a private session. Well, this has happened sometimes and has been quite amusing if members of the same family are present!

They can be great fun, especially if people know each other. I should say that some people do not like the ‘knowing each other’ part, but that is rare!

$140.00 per person
Minimum, 7 people; maximum, 10 people
Minimum charge: $980.00

Spirit circles are especially good for those who may be wary of having a full session. This gives them a chance to have a ‘taster’ and sometimes people feel a little less nervous if there are other people present. Of course circles are also popular with those who are experienced with sittings for different reasons and they just enjoy them.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me by contacting me directly.