This is a small selection of the testimonials written by some of my international clients.

Dearest Francesca

You cannot know without my telling you how precious your readings have been. Both last year and recently. You have salvaged two lives and protected another in the space of months.

No power on this planet or psychocrapola could have achieved this. Plus you have also inspired.

Bless your extraordinary gift and those who work with you.

Had I not seen you last year I dread to think what might be happening today.

All my love and sincere gratitude.

Anna Doyle

Middlesex, UK


Dear Francesca

We met at Jean’s home in New York last month and you said things that no one could have known. The three people who cam through, who they were and how they passed on.  The indecision in my professional life and where it was headed were al right on target. You mentioned a birthdate/anniversary in the month of March…my birthdate is March 30th, you also mentioned specifically November 11th being an important date in my life. I couldn’t recollect anything taking place on that date.

That part of the reading stayed with me. I don’t know why. At 9.30pm on November 11th my mother died of a massive heart attack. She wasn’t ill prior to that day except for feeling ill the entire day.

I buried my Mom yesterday and I think the person who came through or whatever, prompted you to say the date, knew it was a day that was going to never be forgotten in my life and they used you as the vehicle to tell me.

I wasn’t scheduled to meet with you, my wife Stefanie could not make her appointment for some reason and told me about it and I told her I would like to go.  I thought you were a card reader.  I didn’t know who you were or that you were a medium.

I must say this Francesca, many things you said have come to fruition, such as the business purchasing Stefanie a ‘dress’ for a very special New Year’s party we had in honor of her father’s 70th birthday, as well as purchasing her a ring…which after re-listening to your tape she has told were all in there. I hesitate to listen to it again..I’m not sure why…

I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if or when you will be in New York again.

John Capobianco

New York USA

Dear Francesca

Thank you so much for speaking to the Women in Business Group (London chapter) the other evening.

Your talk was very interesting, stimulating and motivational – very appropriate for our membership.I have received a lot of positive feedback from our members, many of whom will I’m sure, be in touch with you at some stage.

Thank you again, and hopefully if you are available in a few months, it would be lovely to have you speak again.

Yours sincerely

Sharon Smith


Women in Business London Chapter


A short note to thank you for your superb reading last Thursday!  I can’t recall ever having heard of such precision, let alone (in my very limited experience) having had such a reading myself –WHAT A GIFT YOU HAVE!!

Many thanks and best wishes


London UK

Dear Francesca

I am writing to thank you for the reading you gave me. There were several things I couldn’t place at the time, but once I got home and asked my Dad, who could place all but one of them. I was extremely happy that you picked up on my Mum who died four years ago. I still miss her very much, but having you pick up on so much of her illness really made me feel she is definitely around me!

You also mentioned my dad’s loft and a photo album. My Dad has been looking for his wedding photos ever since Mum died, He had searched the house many times over and even had my brother in law sort out the loft, but with no luck.  After I told Dad what you said he decided to have another look and hidden in a box he found it.

Your reading was very uplifting. I later found out that Betty was my great-great-grandmother and that , yes, my granddad had to move twice in the 1930s due to money worries – so more proof you were right. Amazing!

I’ve given your number to my sister-in-law so she may contact you soon.

Many thanks, Take care

Love,  Karen

London UK

Dear Francesca

I’m sure it must help to get some kind of feedback in your line of work, and as it is Christmas I wanted to use this as an excuse to do just that.

So far 80% of what you have told me has come to pass – I must be candid – this has surprised me!

Have a great Christmas and luck and happiness in the New Year


London UK

Dear Francesca

I am so amazed, I had to write this letter.  I went to see you in January of this year and every single thing that you said, has happened.  I would be very grateful if you can arrange another appointment for me, it doesn’t matter when.  We’ve got the mortgage as predicted and we are in our new home now.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lots of love



Dearest Francesca

Many thanks for the reading yesterday evening. WOW! What can I say?! I am lost for words as to your reading –it was mind blowing.

The reading was both reassuring and very encouraging. It has made me feel centred and I am now going to follow my gut reaction and focus on what is the right thing to do for me.

I very much look forward to receiving the tape of the reading and once again thank you for putting me back on the right track.

With much love, God Bless

Penny Thaker



Dear Francesca

It was extraordinary and comforting to meet you yesterday. I still feel dazed by your words and want to thank you for the calm I received from you in your unique way of dealing with pain, sadness and hope.

I would love to see you again on my return. Meanwhile, all the best wishes and every gratitude.

Love, Carole