Francesca is a frequently published writer. Here are two pieces which give a flavour of the subjects on which she is asked to write


How to negotiate the communications minefield

When we think of the word communication, we automatically think of speech and the written word. Communicating itself, is natural from the moment of birth, when we scream and make incoherent noises to explain our needs of the moment. As we develop our skills we demonstrate our needs and feelings by learning to speak and write, putting full sentences together and later on through technology such as the telephone and E-mail.

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Healing is now an ‘in’ word, used to describe everything from a mild pleasurable experience to miraculous cures of life threatening diseases.

Purists would say that healing is a form of treatment used by some who are an instrument through which to channel energy and clear mental and physical health problems. Others, maybe with less of an understanding of the subject would say it is anything that makes one feel better in the short term

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